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Camping in Asilah! Camp by the sea close to the town

Camping in Asilah is a popular option for travellers who want to enjoy the natural beauty of the area while staying close to the city.

Asilah offers several campsites, some of which are located directly on the coast, offering easy access to the beach, while others are located slightly inland. Pitches vary in size, amenities and price, allowing campers to choose the one that best suits their needs.

A campsite close to two different towns

Camping in the region will allow you to be at the heart of a region rich in culture and history. On the one hand, there’s Asilah, the small, easily accessible town, and Tangier, the big city in northern Morocco. You can head to either of these two charming towns to enjoy Moroccan cuisine, explore the colourful streets of the medina in Asilah, visit historic sites such as the ramparts and the Kasbah, or simply relax in the seaside cafés.

And on the other side of Tangier, you can visit Cap Spartel and then explore the Perdicaris park, before finally getting lost in Tangier city centre for a spot of shopping.

Camping in Asilah! Nothing but advantages

Asilah offers camping enthusiasts an unforgettable outdoor experience. Its picturesque coastline, vast beaches and artistic atmosphere make it the ideal place for a successful camping break.

Breathtaking hiking

If you love nature and hiking, Asilah and the surrounding area is a paradise for you. The region offers a variety of hiking trails to suit all levels. Explore the rolling hills and dunes that surround the town, offering breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. Escape to the north of the city and discover the breathtaking nature along the Atlantic Ocean.

Windsurfing: An aquatic adventure

Asilah is renowned for its ideal windsurfing conditions. The region’s constant winds make it a perfect location for watersports enthusiasts. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced windsurfer, hire windsurfing equipment or take lessons at one of the local schools for a memorable water adventure.

Surfing, a Moroccan passion

Asilah is also a popular surfing destination. Beginners can sign up for surfing lessons at local schools, while experienced surfers can take advantage of the good surfing conditions, especially during the wave season. The region’s beaches are the perfect place to challenge the Atlantic waves.

Sport fishing and sea outings

Fishing is a popular activity in Asilah. You can fish from the beach, from the ramparts or even organise a deep-sea fishing boat trip. The Atlantic waters are teeming with fish, offering a unique sport fishing experience.

Where to camp in Asilah?

Camping Echrigui

The great advantage of this campsite is its excellent location. Offering clean sanitary facilities and hot water. The facilities are modest but within acceptable standards. The abundant shade on the campsite is a considerable advantage, and the welcome is warm.

Camping Echrigui in Asilah
Camping Echrigui in Asilah

It’s a fairly peaceful spot, ideal for exploring the town, with a small mini-market at the entrance and Asilah beach nearby.

Address: Avenue Khalid Ibn Oualid, Asilah

Price per night for 2 persons: 100 Dhs (€10).

Wi-Fi? Yes.

Camping Assada

This campsite is a grassy area with some shade, located just opposite Asilah beach and within walking distance of the medina. Electricity is available on site. However, please note that the toilets and facilities at this campsite are very modest.

Camping Assada in Asilah
Camping Assada in Asilah

Address: Avenue Moulay Hassan Ben Mahdi, Asilah.

Price per night for 2 persons: 80 Dhs (8 €).

Wi-Fi? No.