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How to get from Tangier to Asilah

Asilah is south of Tangier, about 40 kilometres away. It is important to note that travel time may vary depending on traffic and road conditions. It is recommended that you allow sufficient time for the journey, especially in Tangier. You should allow a little more time than expected to get out of Tangier before joining the road to Asilah.

There are several options for getting from Tangier to Asilah:

By car

If you plan to drive, the journey takes about 45 minutes via the A5 national road. If you are in the centre of Tangier, take the road as if you were going to leave from Ibn Batouta airport… Follow your route without joining the airport directly to the town of Asilah.

By bus

You can take a bus from Tangier to Asilah via the company ALSA. Buses leave regularly from Tangier on the national road via the LI2 line, for about 2€ (20 Dhs), to Asilah centre. The journey between Tangier and Asilah takes about 1 hour.

We recommend that you buy ASLA bus tickets on the spot, directly on the bus.