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The beaches of Asilah

The town of Asilah is famous for its well-preserved medina and white walls, its artistic side and its beautiful ramparts. But Asilah is also surrounded by beautiful, unspoilt beaches.

Asilah Beach

The beach of Asilah is located at the exit of the medina of Asilah towards the north. This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the region, with its fine white sand, crystal clear waters and picturesque landscape.

Asilah beach is approximately 2km long and is very popular with locals and tourists alike due to its relaxed atmosphere and many facilities. There are umbrellas and sun loungers available for hire to visitors, as well as restaurants and cafes offering local dishes and refreshing drinks.

R’Milat Beach

R’Milat Beach (also known as Las Cuevas Beach) is the first beach on the road from Asilah to the south. Also known as Las Cuevas or Paradise Beach, it is within walking distance of Asilah for those who enjoy hiking along the ocean, meadows and rocks. During the summer, it is quiet during the week but very busy at weekends.

Sidi Mghait

A little further south, Sidi Mghait beach is a quiet beach as it requires a short 10km drive and a 4km track to access.

Des Coves Beach

Des Coves beach is a beautiful beach, but quite difficult to access. Visitors must use great concentration and care to navigate a bumpy and uneven road to reach this picturesque destination.

Coves beach south of Asilah
Coves beach south of Asilah

Once there, visitors can enjoy a serene and tranquil environment. The views of the Atlantic Ocean are absolutely spectacular, with powerful waves and surrounding rocks. The mild and pleasant weather adds to the peaceful atmosphere of the area.

However, there are no restaurants on site, which may come as a surprise to visitors. You should consider bringing some food with you if you plan to spend the day in the area.

Despite this, the beauty of the beach is a major plus, making it a must for nature lovers and wilderness enthusiasts.

Overall, the beaches near Asilah offer a relaxing and adventurous experience away from the crowds and busier tourist resorts.