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The medina of Asilah! The historical jewel of the city

The old medina is one of the historical jewels of the city of Asilah. This fortified medina, which dates from the 15th century, is a remarkable example of Moorish architecture, with its white walls and coloured doors.

You can’t visit Asilah without entering the old medina! When exploring the old medina of Asilah, you will discover a maze of narrow, winding streets lined with stone and plaster houses. Doors decorated with geometric and floral motifs as well as windows with wrought iron grills add an aesthetic touch to the whole.

At the heart of the medina is the main square, which is surrounded by lively cafés and restaurants. We strongly recommend that you have a mint tea in this square in the early evening! It is a very quiet and peaceful place for any visitor to the city.

charming house in the medina of Asilah

The ancient medina of Asilah is also famous for its art and music festivals, which take place every summer. During these events, the medina is transformed into an open-air art gallery, with exhibitions, performances and art installations in the streets and squares of the old town.

The gates of the medina of Asilah

The ancient medina of Asilah is accessible via several gates located around its ramparts. Here is an overview of the main access gates:

Bab Homar Gate: located in the north-east of the medina, this gate is the main entrance to the old town. It gives on the place Hassan II, where many coffees and restaurants are.

Bab al-Kasbah Gate: located to the west of the medina, this gate gives access to the Kasbah quarter, which houses the remains of an ancient fortified palace.

Bab al-Bahr Gate: located in the south-west of the medina, this gate leads directly to the beach and the seafront.

Bab Sidi Bouzid Gate: located in the south-east of the medina, this gate is situated near the Sidi Bouzid mosque and the old prison, which has been transformed into a cultural centre.

View of the exterior of the medina of Asilah

To access the medina via these gates, simply follow the signs to the entrance of the old town. Once inside, it is recommended to get lost in the narrow streets and stroll at your own pace to discover the hidden treasures of the medina of Asilah.

What to do in the medina of Asilah?

The ancient medina of Asilah is full of hidden treasures, and there are many places to discover within its walls. Here are some suggestions to make the most of your visit:

Casa Garcia café-restaurant: located in the main square of the medina, this café-restaurant is a popular meeting place for locals and tourists. It serves delicious Moroccan food and fresh fruit juices in a charming and authentic setting.

Mohammed Kacimi Art Gallery: This art gallery located inside the medina exhibits the works of local and international artists. You can admire paintings, sculptures and photographs, and even buy works of art to take home as a souvenir of your trip.

Raissouni Palace: located in the Kasbah, this historic palace has recently been restored and turned into a museum. It tells the story of Asilah through exhibitions on crafts, architecture and daily life in the city.

The medina beach: not the best beach for swimming! But it is a nice place to relax and enjoy the sun. There are several cafes and restaurants by the sea, as well as water activities such as surfing and paddle boarding.

Mohammed Ben Abdellah Street: This shopping street is the ideal place to go shopping in the medina. There are shops selling handicrafts, carpets, jewellery and traditional Moroccan clothing.