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The best restaurants in Asilah

Best known for its rich history, white walls and artistic ambience, Asilah offers a culinary diversity that reflects Morocco’s cultural heritage.

In Asilah’s restaurants, you can sample a variety of traditional Moroccan dishes, such as tajine, couscous, that famous semolina dish accompanied by meat and vegetables, and pastilla, a flaky pie usually stuffed with pigeon or chicken, and then fresh fish. These are generally the dishes you’ll come across in most restaurants in Asilah.

As well as traditional Moroccan cuisine, you’ll also find restaurants offering international cuisine, including Mediterranean, French and Asian dishes. Some establishments even offer a fusion of Moroccan and international flavours, creating unique culinary experiences.

When it comes to places to eat in Asilah, you’ll find plenty of restaurants along the promenade and in the medina. These establishments often offer a pleasant atmosphere with a magnificent view of the ocean.

Casa Garcia

Casa Garcia is a well-known restaurant in Asilah. The restaurant is particularly popular for its Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine, offering a variety of fresh seafood dishes, fish and local specialities.

Casa Garcia is characterised by its warm and friendly atmosphere, ideal for meals with family or friends. The decor is often described as simple but elegant, with marine touches that recall the proximity of the ocean. The atmosphere is relaxed, allowing the dining experience to be enjoyed to the full.

The menu at Casa Garcia features freshly caught and carefully prepared seafood. Recommended dishes include paella, grilled fish and tapas.

Address: Prince Heritier angle Mililia, Asilah

Dar Al Maghrebia

Discover a charming restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious moment in Asilah. As soon as you walk through the doors, you’ll be enveloped by the warm atmosphere and elegant decor that make this a truly welcoming place. The space is designed to offer an oasis of calm, whether inside the establishment or on the outdoor terrace, nestling in a quiet pedestrian street.

The dishes are prepared with care by a talented kitchen team. Each bite is an explosion of flavour, with delicious portions that will satisfy your taste buds without weighing you down.

Every detail has been thought through to ensure a memorable dining experience at this Asilah restaurant.

Address: Rue Al Banafsaj, Asilah

La Perle d’Asilah

This restaurant is loved by all its diners for its superb French cuisine. Among the dishes not to be missed, the fascinating calamari is an option to be discovered at La Perle d’Asilah.

Hungry guests can also treat themselves to a delicious perfume. The wine list offers a selection to delight all palates, allowing each guest to find the wine that suits them.

The attentive staff are available all year round, offering a service worthy of the name. The attractive prices are another argument in favour of this place. The pleasant atmosphere and impressive decor help to make the experience even more memorable for guests. With a score of over 4 stars on most review sites, La Perle d’Asilah is an option to consider if you want to enjoy a fine dining experience in Asilah.

Address: Rue Allal Ben Abdallah, Asilah

Restaurant Al Alba

Restaurant Al Alba offers wonderful fusion cuisine created by a talented chef. Among the recommended dishes, the fascinating couscous is an option not to be missed at this restaurant.

Located inside a charming little hotel of the same name, at the entrance to the city from the north, this home-style restaurant offers a full Moroccan menu of high quality. The value for money is excellent and the service is attentive.

Friendly staff are on hand all year round, offering a pleasant service that makes the experience even more enjoyable. The modern décor and serene atmosphere of the establishment allow customers to relax and enjoy their meal to the full.

Address: 35 Lot. Nakhil, Asilah

Andaloussi cultural restaurant

This restaurant is one of the most popular with local guides and connoisseurs of the city. Known for its quality service and warm welcome.

The menu offers a varied selection of dishes, including specialities based on fresh fish. The dishes are well prepared and generous in portion, satisfying even the most demanding appetites. Although the choice of desserts may be limited, the flavours are there. The value for money is considered to be one of the best in the city.

The owners and staff are extremely hospitable, creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. This restaurant is recommended for those looking for a pleasant culinary experience in a traditional setting.

Address: 13 rue Al Okhouane, Asilah